Rite of Passage

We gather to celebrate the women who have shown up for themselves who have gathered their medicine and have moved through there shadows, a time to acknowledge the wild free women within — women who are healers, sacred space gatherers and community builders.

How often do you celebrate the times in your life?

Each woman is gifted sacred items that will be used in our ceremony, and these gifts vary our delights can range from Altar cloths, candles, clay goddesses, herbal teas and a lot more.

Each year our community continues to grow as more and more women understand the importance of honouring the divine feminine within each of us.



Moon Lodge Gatherings

Learn and share in Sacred Moon Time Rituals.

Deepen your Earth Journey and connect with your daughters. Share as we honour and connect with the sacred life energy that lives within all of us.

Life-pulsing, Life-giving, Life nourishing.

Moon Lodge is an ancient ceremony, potent and beautiful, a sacred way to honour life, truth, love and beauty. As we enter into the lodge and sit together in a circle, warm stones are placed in the centre, and water poured over the stones; the temperature is kept a minimum.

Where do you hold the wisdom that resides within?

Moon Lodge Gatherings are held four times a year Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer.

Cost $70.00 for the day

Children under the age of 18yrs $25.00 

Womb Cave this image is Trade marked

Womb Healing


 Red Womb Drum-making.

The Rite of Womb Healing Ceremony has been taught to me by the grandmothers of the sacred mountain landscapes where I have been held and healed.

This supportive healing journey consists of exploring the core concepts to help heal your bodies reproductive and womb memory. As you engage in the Domains of the worlds that your body-mind may live in.

Together we will engage in Sacred Ceremony, the sacred mixing of the elements; this will be a gift from mother earth as we create your elixir of life.

We will create your power song together and align your bodies bio-rhythms to the moon cycles; you will make your own Red Womb Drum.

You will also learn how to awaken your inner rhythms. This healing journey requires a strong commitment to complete. Involving journaling and 6 ph consultations with me before beginning your drum-making.

Whenever women experience reproductive abuse in any way, the feminine essence is dishonoured. As one woman cries out in pain, all women suffer. When one woman begins to heal, she contributes to the healing of many women; together, we are united in a timeless space.

This is an individual journey, and the Womb Drum-making is carried out on the land at Somersby  NSW.

Cost on Inquiry