The Drum-making Ceremony run by Carmel Ursua Sonsalla was unique and life-changing. The peace and tranquillity of the property lends itself to the beautifully deep personal work that comes with the drum-making ceremony and personal journey. 

Carmel's gentle way of leading you through the process helps to make the journey easy and beneficial.

Thank you for this opportunity

Faye Saxby 2019

Thank you for an amazing journey, your wisdom of the land and the knowledge of the ancients made this drum making journey a lesson unto its self. I have found inner peace and clarity which I have never felt before, all thanks to your traditions and practises I am truly grateful and look forward to continuing my journey of the land and spirit with you.

Again Thankyou

Jo Jones 2019

Thankyou so very much for the knowledge and wisdom you have shared with me today. I have never experienced a Womens Earth Lodge before. What a magical and awakening moment that was for me. The drum-making journey has been one I will never forget. I have loved every moment spent here and I will be back again.

Thankyou so very much.

Michelle Carsley 2019

I would like to share what a wonderful healing journey I have experienced, I recommend it to anyone for their growth in life.

This was one of the hardest personal endevours in my life, but one of the most rewarding, helping to bring healing and peace to every aspect of my being.

I received many gifts which Iam grateful for, I felt enriched on many levels thankyou so much for your humble support and healing Ursua X

Jenny Sydney NSW.


Once again heartfelt gratitude for healing, friendship, community & love Ursua, thank you for your patience, such a powerful healing and so much wisdom.

Thank you to this amazing sister hood.

Carol Sydney NSW


Ursua, I feel nourished, you are inspiring. Thank you, every women that needs womb healing should experience this.

Tahlia Sydney NSW

I have known Carmel Ursua Sonsalla for approximately 3yrs

She was introduced first to my wife for massage & related healing services.


Carmel then provided similar services to my two teenage children and through family's reference, me.

Recently Carmel invited me to attend an earth healing lodge, that she producers each month.


I find them helpful at re-basing, re-energizing, visioning and connect with others within the Earth Song community.

Through these avenues, I have come to know Carmel to be a person of strong character, ethics and high integrity.

Carmel supports women to heal from all walks of life through her programs techniques.


While I have not been party to particular services, I have noted some participants in the lodges appear to be on a journey of recovery under Carmel's guidance, and they reference practices and tools that appear to be part of there learnings from Carmel.


I don't know whether they are part of these programs; however, the pain they have experienced and growth they are undergoing through Carmel's guidance leads me to estimate that they could be of this community-it is good to see this.


She hosts several groups, including Women of the Earth Society, and my wife has participated in this, Lodges, Drumming, Shamanic work and healing. Carmel is continuing her education so that she can stay connected to her healing practices. Within these, I believe she sets a strong foundation for success in growth and healing.


For example, we referred to a young adult to her who was having difficulty finding direction and coping with the world.

The individual was a frequent user of marijuana and unaware of its influence on their past/present state. Carmel offered to engage with this person, however only under the condition that they not be under the influence at the time of the meeting.


I recall it required the person to cease using cannabis for a period of 1wk before so they would come in with a clear head.

I felt that was a strong statement in support of an effective program and healing process.


Overall, I've found Carmel to be an empathetic individual with a clear commitment to her practice and finding the best methods to support the well being of her clients and community.


Mike 20th October 2017/2019

Hands that Heal