Earth Lodges

This Lodge will be held Sunday 25th August

Arrival time 9.30am until 3.30pm

Address given on application 

Filling Fast

As the cycles and the seasons begin to turn inwards, we will share together in Sacred Ceremony, as we journey to meet the Grandmothers and Ancestors calling all women to be present. A time to rejuvenate share and give back to self.



Autumn Equinox Blessing the Water Ceremony and Celebration March 2019

This event is booked out I look forward to sharing the pics with you all soon

Raven carries the message of the Autumn Equinox on her wings and signifies, our inner souls journey, divination and the attraction of moving into the unknown.

Central Coast Red Tent Find your Tribe June 2019

Winter solstice shared time

August Events


Central Coast Red Tent Australia


Sunday 18th August

Arrival 9.30 am - 2 pm

Cost $50.00pp


Find us central coast red tent facebook page

Venue Somersby NSW

Earth Song Dreaming supports Central Coast Red Tent Australia

Earth Lodge Ceremonies and drumming circles are also held one Sunday a month.