Students Drums & Earth Song Student Graduation

Blessings to one of my teachers

Exciting News I have just TM

Raven comes to us at the time of the Autumn Equinox carrying the gifts of Divination and the attraction to the mystical ways of being

Bear Medicine totem, also appears at the time of Autumn Equinox and shares introspection and a time to turn our attention inward and listen to our bodies as we begin to prepare for winter.

International Womens Day

Mother and Daughter Day March 2019

Moon Lodge Mother & Daughters Day

Sunday the 4th March 2019, we shared in sacred circle and ceremony, as Grandmothers, Mothers and Daughters joined together and celebrated International Women's Day.

We created Environmental Art, Held Community Drumming and healing songs for all women.

As we all remember that our Mothers are Love and our Daughters are beautiful and the voices of all women will grow strong.

Heartfelt love to all women that attended and made this a beautiful day.

Basic Principles of Healing

Feel your emotions rather than hiding them

Breath Consciously

Listen to your body and recognize your bodies voice

Be Creative, Creativity allows you to have fun & explore

Gather Support

Add more color to your life

Make Gratitude your Attitude

Stay away from the Shine Dimmers

Carmel Usua Sonsalla