Earth Song Forest Bathing

Nature Calm Revitalize-Rejuvenate-Revive



Earth Song

A combination of spiritual healing practices, creating a restorative road to health of the mind body heart soul.

The pathways to this journey are many.


Forest Bathing

Ancient Earthstone readings

Rising Moon Drumming Circle

Indigenous Earth Keepers Sweat Lodge

Bush Medicine

 Hands on Remedial Healing

Healing Pod

Wild Earth Crafting

Emerson Medicine Drum-making gatherings




Forest bathing is based on the Japanese practice, shinrin-yoku, as a process of relaxation & mindful ease while connecting with nature.

Our programs are flexibly designed for families, women's groups, and couples and friends who wish to reduce stress, calm the mind, and avoid further burnout.

They are helping adults and children to boost healthy immunity and well-being.

With the decline in social interaction isolation and heightened tension, we need to defrag our minds, nurture our bodies, restore our well-being, and strengthen our resilience.

Science and technological computer systems lead us into alien territory, clouding our minds and separating us from nature and our inner calm.