Embracing Change

We come together in safe and respected circles to remember, to stretch our wings into new places, and consciously create life in greater alignment with our souls calling.

"Sandra Cosentino”

Shamanism is one of the oldest human practices of humankind, from an Anthropological view, the question has been how long does shamanism date back?

Based on the evidence, it is believed that shamanism dates back one hundred thousand years, and it is a universal practice, as it was practised everywhere around the world.

Earth Song Dreaming offers the opportunity to embrace the true path of your heart.


Services Available

Shamanic Self-Development classes.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Rituals

Seasonal Events

Rite of Passage Ceremonies

Sacred Moon Lodge

Daughters, Mothers, Grandmothers.

Crones Corner

Womb Healing 

Red Womb Drum-making Retreats

Traditional Hoop Drum-making.

Drumming Circles

Deep Earth Massage Body-Mind and Spirit Integration 

Environmental Art Therapy

Mask Transformation

Understanding Dream messages

Create your own Dreaming Cards 

Sun and Moon Ancient Stone Intuitive Readings

Bush Flower Essence consultations

Online Healing Consultations 

Health Fund rebates are available on some services provided.



Carmel Ursua Sonsalla is the founder of Earth Song Dreaming. She has over 24yrs experience in the healing industry, she has been initiated into Medicine ways and has travelled throughout Fiji, Central Australia, Nepal, Asia, Indonesia and parts of America.

Carmel Ursua remembers the earth dreaming tracks, the ancient landscapes and the sacred mountains that held and healed her as she spent time in nature, as her shamanic view lens opened as shamans and metaphysical wise people deepened her practices.

 The untamed places of nature gifted me with a deeper understanding of my medicine pathway.

The willingness to live on the edge, to push my limits and to reclaim my inherent birth rite as a Healer, Teacher, Medicine Hoop drum-maker and Ceremonial facilitator.

My journey is a continual lifelong commitment and experience which has directed me, into new levels of my soul's expression at the heart of the motherland.

2019 Red Tent Central Coast

2018 BA. Metaphysical Science

2017 Australian Bush Flower Essences

2016 Medicine ways

2015 Medicine ways

2014 Medicine ways

2014 Earth Lodge Ceremonies

2014 Moon Lodge Ceremonies

2013 Medicine Ways

2012 Medicine Ways

2010 Medicine Ways

2008 Sound Bath Healing

2005 Adv.Dip International Healing Arts and Sciences

2004 C 4 Lifestyle leisure co-ordinator

2003 Dip. Shamanic Healing 

2002 Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy 

1997 Hot Stone Therapy 

1994 Body-Mind Integration bodywork 

1993 Remedial Massage 

1991 Relaxation Massage 

1989 Traditional Medicine Hoop Drum-making & Earth lodge.

John Fire Lamedeer. 

The path of knowing by direct experience is innate within us all

 "Sandra Cosentino”

Ancestorial women speak

Grandmother moon

her face seen

The sky dark

Toward her sun waiting.

Wisdom weaves the web

I am woven

Bringer of life

I bleed

Suns blood

Moons water

Seeds formed together

Earth womb nourished

Winter rests

Spring flowers, autumn, summers.

" Carmel Ursua Sonsalla"


Earth Song Dreaming is connecting and creating healing in sacred circle and community.




Womb Healing Ceremony


This is a journey of transformation and empowerment, supporting all women through ritual and healing.

The Rite of Womb Ceremonies are designed for all women.

Have you experienced

Birth, Infertility, Miscarriage, Menstrual Cycles, Womb Surgery

Menopause, Breast Cancer or Cervical Cancer?

This could be for you!





Moon Lodge Gatherings


Moon Lodge gatherings are open to all women

Daughters, Mothers & Grandmothers.

It is within every young woman, every elder woman and every girl child that lives upon this earth.

Where do you hold the sacred wisdom that resides within?




Menopause a Dying Art


Menopause is another one of the most life-changing times in a woman's life.

Your first blood you meet your power, during your bleeding years you practice your power, menopause you become your power.

(Native American Quote)

Interested in Joining us?




Beauty in Wisdom

Seasonal Events

Summer Solstice Return of the Sun

Autumn Equinox share in celebrating the changes within

Winter Solstice Calling back the Light

Spring Equinox Growing the Seeds of Spring fertile earth

Theme Days

Ovarian Cancer Awareness month February

International Women's Day March 8th

Water Healing Day March 24th

Earth Day April 22nd

National Tree Day July 

Breast Cancer Month October

World Menopause Day October 16th

White Ribbon Day November 23rd

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Water is Sacred

There is both yin & yang in rain, the mixture of the water gives way to the moisture, mist and youthful rain that exists at the peak of mountains.


Water connects and unites us all, may you walk in beauty and harmony upon mother earth and make the most of all that surrounds you with gratitude.


Na Pali Trekking at Sunset Kala lau trail

Benefits Shamanic Healing

Enhances the ability to create life changes.


Increases a persons vitality courage and strength to create personal growth.


Expands a sense of wholeness and well being excepting the path of healing, humility, and compassion.


Greater ability to release addictions and maintain change letting go and restoring beauty and balance into your daily life


Stronger connection to spirit and to the true path of heart to live your soul's purpose 


Embracing healing in each direction incorporating the elements of the Medicine Wheel

East Air, North Fire, West Earth & South Water 


Some of the causes of illness can be connected to the essence of soul loss.

Loss of personal power and blockages in a person body.


Shamanic Healing offers the opportunity to heal the fragmentation of body, mind, heart, and soul and can expand a persons horizon to bring clearer insight and healing into there life. 

Opening to my field of Dreams NT 2012

Shamanic Self Development Classes

Experience the power of working together in a supportive community while learning the shamanic practice of journeying, ritual, and healing.


We will perform journeys together for healing, connecting with nature learning how to feel empowered by developing and living your true path of heart.


Together we will create sacred space to share the shamanic journey where you will move into the hidden realms to heal body, mind, heart, soul.


Learn the importance of chakra healing and ancient stone divination

Meet your spirit allies in nature and weave your sacred journey into your everyday life.


Journey to the cave of forgotten dreams and learn how to reclaim the lost parts of self-transforming your thoughts, words and actions through mask and movement and work with the humble gift of gratitude and forgiveness.


Understand the rite of passage as you experience ceremony, make your own medicine drum, commune with nature explore the beauty of the earth and experience environmental art.


Course commences March 2nd 2020 this course is taught every fortnight online for 9 weeks and offers practical face to face content throughout the course.

Certificate of  Personal Self Development is issued on completion.


For booking go to contact

For information go to course info & fees


Benefits Ceremony

Ceremonies create a safe and supportive space for celebration healing and growth.

Reminding us of our connection to the unseen worlds that reside within each of us.


"Everything that the power of the world does is done in a circle.

The sky is round and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball and so is all the stars.


The wind in its greatest power whirls, Birds make their nests in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours, the sun comes forth and goes down again in a circle.


The moon does the same and both are round even the seasons form a great circle in their changing and always coming back to where they were. The life of man is a circle from childhood to childhood. And so it is in everything where power moves."


Black Elk, Ogalala Sioux



Self-generated rituals are very different from traditional ceremonies. Traditional ceremonies have been handed down through initiation and are carried out in an exact way.


Mixed Earth Lodges


Are offered on a known referral bases, Students and clients are welcome to attend.

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Deep Earth Body Mind Intergration Since1998

Together we set up a healing plan that suits your needs.


We give you the opportunity to work with thoughts, words, feelings, beliefs, vibrations, deep earth massage, movement, visualization, creative environmental art, shamanic drum journeying, and breath to create changes in your body and in your life.


Pain and discomfort is your body's way of communicating that you need to make changes. 


Healing means wholeness, in order to heal on all levels, we must consider all aspects and take responsibility to make great health possible.


Making your health a priority gives you an opportunity to examine your thinking.


Are you open-minded and willing to explore the root cause of your disease or discomfort and work on the negativity which may have contributed to your condition? 


Naming a few areas where research has found Mind/Body integration to be helpful. 






More info go to Consultation & Fees.             


Your Body Speaks your Mind

Benefits Australian Bush Flower Essences


Can help with persons;


Life purpose and direction.

Moving through blocks and self-doubt


Releasing old patterns, past wounds, and trauma

Restore happiness, increase clarity and focus


Decrease stress, worry, fear and anxiety

Releases shame guilt and sabotage

Build self-esteem and confidence


More info Consultations & Fees.



Christmas Bell perenial herb found in Hawkesberry NSW

Dream Wisdom

Dreams Can Help to Heal

Dreams can assist in the healing process by finding the feeling and tone of the dream.


Dreams can be disturbing or pleasant or not understood by the dreamer, this can affect a person's ability to function in everyday life.


By locating the blocked energy that has formed within the body, we can work with the feelings that need to be understood, bringing form and context to the dream.


Find links to a person's external world from dreaming and  bring assistance to the healing process

Offering understanding and other possibilities to help to create well being and a healthier, mind and body.

Dream Journey Classes

Are you wanting to understand and explore your dream messages?

This one day Dream Journey Class is designed to give you an active Dream Journey Kit.

You will learn how to understand your Dreams and Dream messages and create your own dreaming cards.

Understand the process of dreams and share their stories, within safe guidelines as we journey together in a circle.

Create a  journal by exploring natures dream game as we open our experiences to the symbols of our inner nature.


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My Dream Image 2003

Benefits of Art Therapy

Allowing your thoughts, feelings or human development to be expressed through art, ritual, myth, music, and dance.


Explore your life's journey and help you to bring a new understanding of your existence.


Color, meditation, clay work and dialogue are helping to form your unique shape and Identity in the world, bringing personal growth.


Identify meaning, limitations, symptoms, life management skills to open new opportunities, creating expansion and a healing environment.


Whenever illness is associated with a loss of soul, "the arts emerge spontaneously as remedies, soul medicine."

The medicine of the artist, like that of the shaman, arises from his or her relationship to "familiars"- the themes, methods, and materials that interact with the artist through the creative process.

" Shaun McNuff"


Letting go of the controlling mind a person can create soulful symbols, pictures or paintings.


The Blessings experienced in therapy can reach further; they can remind artists everywhere what the function of art has always been and will always be.




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Mask Transformation

Over thousands of years, indigenous people have painted symbols of nature, magic, and power onto their bodies, their animals, their drums rattles and clothing.


Painting symbols on ones face either in visualization or in real time can be empowering as we;


Affirm our authentic self.

The truth of who we are as we acknowledge the magic gifts and power that resides within.

Reclaiming and healing the lost or damaged part of self


These symbols represent their connection with nature and all there is, this may include

A vision, grief, healing or a declaration of intent.

This custom was miss understood by non-natives and began to be called War Paint, War often had nothing to do with these symbols.


As the Olga Holy Man Nicholas Black Elk stated by being painted the people have been changed, they have undergone a new birth and with this, they have new responsibilities.


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Sun and Moon Ancient Pathway Readings


The earth healing stones offer the opportunity to explore one's own psyche offering insight to a persons soul journey.

Are you on the right path?

Where is your soul's journey headed?

What is the true path of your heart?

Have you found your tribe?

These readings are offered to broaden awareness and offer insight into your personal journey connecting you more fully to body, mind, heart, and soul.

These stones are over a hundred thousand years old and were given to Carmel Ursua as a gift from the ancient river beds of Central Australia during her healing journey and initiation into medicine ways. 

Carmel Ursua has authentically handcrafted these beautiful healing stones and shared their stories, helping to open the true path of your heart.

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Hue River Creek Bed Central Australia

Genuine Inquiries Only



On-Line Healing Consultation.


Designed to offer you the opportunity to create your own healing journey with my guidance via ph or computer media in the comfort of your own home.

Consultations 1hr & 15 mins 


More Info go to Consultations & Fees.




Pontoon crossing on the River Kwai trekking into the jungle

Earth Song Hand Crafted Drums

Earth my body

Water my blood

Air my Breath

Fire my spirit


More info go to Contacts


Why Choose Earth Song Drum-making?


We have over 28 yrs of professional service in the art of drum-making.


All drums are handmade from Deer kangaroo Goat Skin bringing the primordial sound of the heart of mother earth as she carries the element of the water song into each individual piece.


The hoops are finely crafted and made of beveled pine, choice of size

10 inch, & 15 inches

Drum sticks are a gift from nature.

We offer guidance to help you to connect more fully with your own sound healing pathway.

 Embrace the Medicine of Soul

4 complimentary drumming lessons to help you engage with your drumming journey as you learn and attune to the sound and the medicine of your drum.

Duration of Lessons 30mins each

No experience necessary as this One-Day Earth Song Drummaking Retreat is designed especially for you and all requests are taken into account at the time of your free inquiry.


We also cater for larger groups on request.

We hold Drumming Circles and we can make a drum for you.

For pricing & information go to our contact page.


















Earth Song Drumming Circle 2019

Sunset NT Earth Song Dreaming

Heart felt blessings Earth Song Dreaming